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LIU KOTOW, directed by Shannen Liu and Grzegorz Kotow, is an artist, touring, and music production company, home to stars of classical, jazz, and innovative music.


Before the founding of the management in 2009, Ms. Liu was an artist manager at Künstlersekretariat Schoerke GmbH. In 2016, Grzegorz Kotow joined the firm as a partner, bringing his 20 years of stage experience as a concert artist to the company.


Today, LIU KOTOW not only works closely with major presenters worldwide but also, as Shannen Liu says, "we are excited and honored to serve as a bridge, to encourage and facilitate contact and exchange between artists and presenters."


At LIU KOTOW, we aim to manage all aspects of an artist’s career, including live appearances, recording, publishing, merchandising deals, and total brand management.



Over the years, we have forged relationships with major promoters, record, and publishing companies.


(c) Magnus Maaß
(c) Magnus Maaß

Shannen Liu

Managing Director

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(c) Magnus Maaß
(c) Magnus Maaß

Grzegorz Kotow

Artists Manager

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Chenlin Fan

Associate Artist Manager   


Yvonne Hoschopf

Associate Artist Manager


International Management & Promotion



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