Film Concerts



Historical Release of Original Compositions for Orchestras and Ensembles


*in collaboration with Europäische FilmPhilharmonie – EFPI 


Centered on the artistic fusion of film and music, the European FilmPhilharmonic is committed to presenting these two forms as a unified work of art. Since establishment in 2000, a pivotal role has been played, blending the rich cultural experience of concerts with the intricate artistry of film. Showcasing film music in a live concert setting provides a fresh perspective on its diverse roles and emotional impact, simultaneously broadening audience perceptions of symphonic concerts.


The unique approach involves temporarily separating the music from the film, only to seamlessly reconnect them in a transformative experience. This integration extends to the incorporation of elements from other art forms, such as the performing arts and lighting design. This approach not only respects the artist's vision but also enhances the overall concert experience, captivating and delighting audiences. Dedication drives the creation of both national and international productions.


Fervor lies in inspiring orchestras worldwide to collaborate, developing programs that emotionally resonate with people from diverse backgrounds through the powerful combination of film and music performances.



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